14 To Make Three People Happy
That's all Ohio State's Rod Gerald set out to do. Instead, he wowed millions of Buckeye fans
by Douglas S. Looney

18 He Leaves Losers Proud
Mighty Forego left his rivals in the ruck in the Woodward, yet they were far from disgraced
by William Leggett

20 The $2.5-Million Man
O. J. Simpson finally returned to Buffalo, but he may have left his legs in California
by Robert F. Jones

22 The Rubber Match
Ken Norton won the first fight; Ali squeaked by in the second. The choice in the third: Ali
by Mark Kram

28 King James Eyes a Crown
James Hunt lives life as he bloody well wants, and he wants a World Driving Championship
by Clive Gammon

32 Regulated to the Bench
A whimsical and somewhat critical report on our mother tongue—or what's left of it
by Edwin Newman

62 The Power Behind Ali
If Herbert Muhammad, Ali's manager, is so "dull, dull, dull," why is everyone scared of him?
by Mark Kram

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76 19th Hole

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