Nov. 01, 1976
Nov. 01, 1976

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Nov. 1, 1976

World Series
College Football
Design For Sport
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


18 How Great It Is
Led by Johnny Bench, the Reds swept the Yanks in the Series to move into very select company
by Ron Fimrite

This is an article from the Nov. 1, 1976 issue

24 The Dr. Raised His Fee
And New York Nets Owner Roy Boe got $3 million in a deal that sent his star to Philadelphia
by Curry Kirkpatrick

26 Knowing the Way to San Jose
No longer the Nob Hill Gang, the 49ers still have given San Francisco a lofty team
by Dan Jenkins

36 'Feed Me Till I Want No More'
Never surfeited, the Welsh treat rugby as the religion it is, and hymn its praise
by Clive Gammon

40 The Back Side of Heaven
Thanks to Quarterback Leamon Hall's bullets, West Point is again sky-high on football
by Sarah Pileggi

74 Black Water, Red Death
The whales were moving, and thus began the hunt that preserves an Eskimo way of life
by Ron Rau

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69 Motor Sports
87 For the Record
90 19th Hole

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Next Week

Never one to say "take two uppercuts and call me in the morning," Dr. Ferdie Pacheco ministers lovingly to denizens of a scruffy Miami gym and, as his journal relates, to its foremost graduate, Muhammad Ali.

What do the names Staubach, Anderson, Bradshaw, Harris, Tarkenton, Stabler and Bartkowski have in common? Right. They all belong to NFL quarterbacks who have been injured this fall. By Robert F. Jones.