For most Latin American fighters, who now hold 16 of the 25 world championships, boxing was the only way to leave the mean streets behind, to get under the wheel of a shiny red Mustang Cobra II. As one Mexican contender says, "Fighting is hard, but there are harder things." Shown on the following pages are some who made it the hard way

CARLOS MONZON, Argentina, Middleweight

ROBERTO DURAN, Panama, Lightweight

WILFREDO BENITEZ, Puerto Rico, Junior Welterweight

ALFREDO ESCALERA, Puerto Rico, Junior Lightweight

CARLOS PALOMINO, Los Angeles, Welterweight

WILFREDO GOMEZ, Puerto Rico, Bantamweight

JOSE CUEVAS, Mexico, Welterweight

MIGUEL CANTO, Mexico, Flyweight

ESTEBAN DE JESUS, Puerto Rico, Lightweight

ALEXIS ARGUELLO, Nicaragua, Featherweight

VICTOR GALINDEZ, Argentina, Light Heavyweight

CARLOS ZARATE, Mexico, Bantamweight

ALFONSO ZAMORA, Mexico, Bantamweight