Dec. 20, 1976
Dec. 20, 1976

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Dec. 20, 1976

NFL Playoffs
Sportswoman Of The Year
The Bowls
The Ali Years
  • Out of Louisville he came, to become champion of the world—twice. Now Ali, whose worldwide celebrity may be unequaled in modern times, is near the end of his boxing career, and if no longer the greatest, he is still the best. He has quit, unquit and requit, the prerogative of the aging genius—and the signal for a shuffle down memory lane. Here is a sampling of his life and times.

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


26 Kain-tuck-eee Jubilee
Rupp Arena was dedicated, the Baron took a bow and the Wildcats went wild beating Kansas
by Barry McDermott

This is an article from the Dec. 20, 1976 issue

30 A Wake-up Call for the Flyers
With Goaltender Bernie Parent back in form, Philadelphia took a pair from Boston
by Peter Gammons

32 Making Three the Hard Way
Pittsburgh and Washington clinched playoff berths in their final game. Now it's sudden death
by Ron Reid and Joe Marshall

42 Sportswoman of the Year
It was a spectacular time for women, and no one dominated any sport as Chris Evert did tennis
by Sarah Pileggi

54 The Environment
A special article examines the environmental movement and reports where we stand today
by Bil Gilbert

82 The Rose Could Be Thorny
Michigan and USC are hoping that a Georgia upset over Pittsburgh will make their game No. 1
by John Underwood

104 The Ali Years
As The Greatest's magnificent boxing career wanes, we relive it in photographs and words

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19 Scorecard
95 College Basketball
98 TV/Radio
102 Bridge
127 For the Record
128 19th Hole

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