Dec. 20, 1976
Dec. 20, 1976

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Dec. 20, 1976

NFL Playoffs
Sportswoman Of The Year
The Bowls
The Ali Years
  • Out of Louisville he came, to become champion of the world—twice. Now Ali, whose worldwide celebrity may be unequaled in modern times, is near the end of his boxing career, and if no longer the greatest, he is still the best. He has quit, unquit and requit, the prerogative of the aging genius—and the signal for a shuffle down memory lane. Here is a sampling of his life and times.

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


4—Walter Iooss Jr.
19—drawing by Arnold Roth
32, 33—Heinz Kluetmeier, James Drake
35—Heinz Kluetmeier
36—James Drake
43—Graham Finlayson
44, 45—Jerry Cooke, Heinz Kluetmeier, Helmut Gritscher, John G. Zimmerman, Tony Triolo
46—Neil Leifer
58-81—illustrations by Don Moss
83—Manny Millan
84, 85—Eric Schweikardt, Bob Straus Jr., James Drake
86—Manny Millan, John G. Zimmerman
98—Peter Read Miller
104, 105—Bob Gomel-LIFE, Herb Scharfman-LIFE (2), Neil Leifer-Alskog
106, 107—Neil Leifer-Alskog (3), Neil Leifer-Alskog from Photo Researchers (2), Ken Regan-Camera 5, Tony Triolo, Neil Leifer
108, 109—Lawrence Schiller-Alskog, Ken Regan-Camera 5 for TIME, Jerry Cooke
127—John L. Ashbey, courtesy Ringling Bros, and Barnum & Bailey, Bob Foster, Weyman Swagger-Baltimore Sunpapers, Don Kemp.

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