Boom! Boom! Boom! 10
In a 10-game barrage, the Red Sox exploded for a record 33 home runs. Biggest gun was George Scott, who swatted nine
by Kent Hannon

He Looked a Tiger in the Teeth 16
Recovered from injuries suffered in his dreadful fall, 17-year-old whiz Steve Cauthen rode triumphantly back into the limelight
by William Leggett

Battle Royal on the Briny 18
After the 12-meters squared off in the first America's Cup trials, feisty Ted Turner and Courageous were way out in front
by Coles Phinizy

The Fun Machines 24
There weren't many dimes to spare, but for a penny you could play golf, football or baseball and forget the Depression
by Robert Cantwell

What Do You Do When You Grow Up? 30
Athletes who attain fame at a young age sometimes find their celebrity a hindrance when they return to the real world
by Janice Kaplan

Chaws 54
This story will turn your stomach, boggle your mind and tell you more than you might want to know about wads of tobacco
by Roy Blount Jr.

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Cover photograph by Eric Schweikardt

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The Battles of Britain, peacetime version, include the windup of the centennial Wimbledon, with Curry Kirkpatrick at courtside, while at Henley the three top U.S. crews may finally determine which is best. Dan Levin is at riverside.

The Gridiron Wars over, pro football players don't just curl up in their dens with a six-pack and lick their wounds. Robert F. Jones visits nine members of the NFL in the off-season and watches them dance, dredge and drill.