I Hope Carew Hits .400 20
Ted Williams, the last .400 hitter, explains why he thinks he may have a successor, while a new system of ranking offers some surprises

Cha Cha Waltzed Home 26
After setting too fast a tempo for her racing rivals, Shirley Muldowney glided to the NHRA Summernationals Top Fuel title
by Bruce Newman

A Braw Brawl for Tom and Jack 28
It was the best two rounds of golf ever played—Watson and Nicklaus battling head to head in the British Open
by Dan Jenkins

Of Bats and Hats and Frogs 36
Every day is a special day in baseball nowadays. Frog Day! Watermelon Day! Diamond Day! A look at the Days daze
by Larry Keith

Sorry, Wrong Number 42
Pro chess has this league in which you can't cheer, teams never meet and a foul is when you put your opponent on hold
by Lewis Grossberger

The Grizzly's Rage to Live 64
Great bears like Old Two Toes and the defer wrote their legends on the mountains by refusing to give in to man
by Douglas H. Chadwick

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Get your rabies shots before lining up opposite Conrad Dobler, St. Louis' All-Pro right guard, who tells Daphne Hurford that his reputation as the NFL's dirtiest player is unjustified, although sometimes a hand gets caught in a face mask.

If a man can't fight on a day like this, he can't fight at all, said champion Tom Sayers to challenger John Heenan before they went at it in one of the most ferocious bareknuckle battles in history. Alan Lloyd reconstructs their 1860 classic.