This was one of many frogs at Atlanta Stadium. The reason the frogs were there was that it was Frog Day. The same day it was Watermelon Day. Every day is such-and-such a day in baseball nowadays. Remember when there were only Opening Day, Ladies Day and Laraine Day? Those were the good old days. Here are some brand-new days.

Frog day While princesses kiss frogs, catchers seldom do, so Vic Correll's frog did not turn into a champion in the big frog-jumping contest. Ribbet.

Watermelon day After Frog Day and after the game—yes, they had a game, too—fans could go to the field and dugouts to eat watermelon. Slurp.

Cap night The Dodgers gave out 59,695 caps to 52,487 paid fans this year, indicating that there were a lot of doubleheaders in attendance. Ouch.

American history day As fireworks exploded, 1,000 Buddhist students performed ever-popular Bicentennial antics in Anaheim Stadium. Boom.

Bat day The awful sound you are about to hear is 36,800 bats simultaneously pounding the hitherto structurally sound new Yankee Stadium. Craaackk.

Diamond night A.k.a. Rhinestone Night. In San Diego every lady got one or the other, mostly the other. Final: Rhinestones 7,000, Diamonds 15. Boo.

Helmet day Properly outfitted in colorful native headdress, this San Diego tyke is now set for what counts most at the ball park: concessions. Yippee.

Fan appreciation day Products get plugged. Dodger fans get boats, cars, ponies. Once, the pony was pregnant. Oops.