July 25, 1977
July 25, 1977

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July 25, 1977

  • The toddlin' town is going bananas over baseball even though, except for imported sluggers Richie Zisk and Bobby Murcer, the rosters of the White Sox and the Cubs consist of "Who are these guys?" The reason is, those perennial Chicago losers have been holding down first place in their respective divisions, and Chicagoans are daring to dream of an intracity World Series in October. If it happens, Harry Caray will be there to describe it, but it might be too cold for any outdoor showers

  • Who needs snow? Not these sports, who have discovered skiing on grass

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19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


Chi, Oh My! 8
The toddlin' town is going bananas over baseball, even to the point of daring to dream of an intracity Series
by Peter Gammons

This is an article from the July 25, 1977 issue

Stem Turn Through the Tulips 14
So who needs snow? Not these winter sportsmen, who have discovered a fast new sport called grass skiing
by Dan Levin

Zing Go the Strings of Our Hearts 16
And so do the Nets and Apples as World Team Tennis makes it to the ripe old age of four
by Joe Jares

A Neon Shadow in the Sea 22
One of the first men to swim with a blue marlin depicts a fluorescing struggle at the end of a line
by Stanley Meltzoff

'Anything I Can Get Away With' 30
For St. Louis' Conrad Dobler, everything goes on a football field—even a little holding or gouging or biting
by Daphne Hurford

Fight On! And On and On 54
Round after endless round they battled, each man growing more hideous to behold, in the bloody 1860 bareknuckle classic
by Alan Lloyd

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Gene Autry's search for another Champion cost him $5.3 million in baseball's free-agent market, but the California Angels have proved to be the worst team money can buy. Larry Keith reports on the millionaires who are going nowhere.

The spirit that sails with every angler in a Cuban billfish tournament is that of the man the contest is named after, Ernest Hemingway. Cuba may have changed in the 17 years since his death, but Robert F. Jones finds that Papa is omnipresent.

This is an article from
the July 25, 1977 issue