Sept. 19, 1977
Sept. 19, 1977

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Sept. 19, 1977

Forest Hills
Luck Of The Irish
Pro Football '77
Pro Football'77
College Football
Nowhere Fast
  • By Robert F. Jones

    What counts, says Oakland Quarterback Kenny Stabler, is the getting there. Back home in Alabama, "there" is the Pink Pony, where Stabler sips Scotch with Wickedly Wonderful Wanda, or the Shelter Cove Marina, for a game of 8-ball, or the Intracoastal Waterway, over which he roars in his Boogie

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


4—Anthony Donna
7—drawing by SQW
12—Walter Iooss Jr.
13—Co Rentmeester
14—Co Rentmeester (left), Walter Iooss Jr.
15—Walter Iooss Jr.
16, 17—Co Rentmeester
18—Tony Triolo
41—George Long (center)
46-64—illustrations by Sandy Huffaker
68—Lane Stewart
70—Grant M. Haller
76—Tony Tomsic
82—Tony Tomsic
87—John Iacono
105—John Burke (1)

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