Oct. 03, 1977
Oct. 03, 1977

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Oct. 3, 1977

Never Too Late
Talent Tests
College Football
Harness Racing
  • By Douglas S. Looney

    William Wirtz' colt made short work of the Jug, taking two straight heats in record time, but for a while it didn't look as though he'd ever get to the starting gate

Horse Racing
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


9—drawing by SQW
14, 15—Walter Iooss Jr., Rich Clarkson
16—Tony Tomsic
17—Rich Clarkson
18—John Iacono
19—Tony Triolo
20—Tony Triolo (left), Manny Millan
21—Tony Triolo (left), Manny Millan
22—Walter Iooss Jr.
23—Rich Clarkson
24—Walter Iooss Jr.
32—Stephen Green-Armytage
33—Tony Triolo
42—American Broadcasting Company
44—Heinz Kluetmeier
52—John D. Hanlon
58—Manny Millan
66—illustration by Saul Lambert
70—Barton Silverman
88—Gordon R. Daniels (1)

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