The Baseball Playoffs 18
Amid flubs and fights, the Dodgers won the National League flag and the Yankees took the American League title
by Ron Fimrite and Larry Keith

Down and Out in Dallas 24
Texas lost two quarterbacks to injury but the Sooners, not the Longhorns, lost the game in the Cotton Bowl
by Douglas S. Looney

Hello, Fearsome Threesome 26
Oakland won the Super Bowl with it and two of the NFL's four undefeated teams rely on it. What is it? The 3-4 defense
by Joe Marshall

Hockey 1977-78 36

In a far-ranging interview with Jerry Kirshenbaum, new NHL President John Ziegler and players' chief Alan Eagleson see better days ahead

According to Peter Gammons' scouting reports, Montreal once more will dominate the NHL and Quebec will take it all again in the WHA

You Ain't It Until You Prove It 50
Stock-car driver Darrell Waltrip has never been shy about saying how good he is, and now he can back it up
by Sam Moses

The Ultimate Confrontation 98
The urge to get in the ring with a real fighter has led writers like Byron. Hemingway and this one to take that rash step
by George Plimpton

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Next Week

An old battle is rejoined as the Yankees and Dodgers, who used to meet in the World Series almost annually, face each other for the first time in 14 years. Ron Fimrite reports as Los Angeles tries to make New York swallow the big apple.

A strange joint is the knee and often a nasty one, especially in sports, where knee injuries have shortened or destroyed many careers. A report by William Oscar Johnson on what doctors have learned and are doing about this complex hinge.

Eagle (-2)
Birdie (-1)
Bogey (+1)
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