The Telemark turn, which looks like a cross between a curtsy and an elegant dance step, was performed by Snowshoe Thompson in the 1860s. Now a hardy band of Colorado skiers is reviving it as a vital part of an old-new sport called ski mountaineering. How they gear up and how they get back down are described on the pages that follow.

Rick Borkovec tours in a Head outfit, plus Adidas shoes and skis; wife Laurie wears a Nordic outfit from White Stag.

Tucked in alongside the Elk Range of the Colorado Rockies, Crested Butte has become a hotbed for high touring.

After layering up to his chamois shirt, Jack Marcial dons a JanSport parka with storm flaps and plenty of pocket space.

Kick-turning Desirée Paquette tours in a Bogner jumpsuit with quilted lining. The rucksack and gaiters are from Athalon.