Jan. 30, 1978
Jan. 30, 1978

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Jan. 30, 1978

A Solid Right
Sunkist Invitational
Quaking Aspen
  • Korchnoi came out of his match with Spassky smiling and ready for world champion Karpov, but in Belgrade he was grimly convinced that the Soviet KGB was bombarding him with rays

Pro Basketball
  • Denver is off to its usual fast start, but once more it may not be able to go the distance. Star Guard Brian Taylor has walked off in a huff over money and outstanding defensive Forward Bobby Jones is hurting in a dozen ways

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


A Solid Right to the Title 14
Switching from slugger to strategist, Duran stiffened DeJesus and gained sole possession of the world lightweight championship
by Pat Putnam

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Let's Start the Music 18
The name of the game in the NFL is musical coaches, or who'll replace Jack who may succeed George who could follow Chuck
by Joe Marshall

The Roof Came Tumbling Down 20
Snow and ice led to the collapse at Hartford's 3-year-old Coliseum, forcing a move for the WHA Whalers
by Bruce Newman

Visitors Run Off with the Show 22
A West German doctor and a Tanzanian schoolteacher made themselves right at home with stirring wins in the Sunkist track meet
by Joe Jares

Come In, the Noise Is Frightful 30
Winter does not stop racing in Indiana, where drivers in tiny cars go indoors to thunder after checkered flags
Photographs by Heinz Kluetmeier

Firm Stand for Quaking Aspen 34
After 19 years devoted to the study of ruffed grouse, ecologist Gordon Gullion believes the aspen is its salvation
by Robert F. Jones

Bozo the Bruin 54
The Old Participator practices with the Boston Bruins to get in shape for his goaltendina demonstration against Philadelphia
by George Plimpton

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Next Week

The two lives of a thief, who learned to become a base stealer only after he was sent up for armed robbery, are recounted by Ron LeFlore. In two years he went from behind the walls of Jackson State Prison to center field in Tiger Stadium.

Four-square for the four-corners is what a lot of college basketball coaches have become. The delay game of North Carolina's Dean Smith may be all the rage, but it has those who like action raging. Don Delliquanti assesses the trend.