One-for-One at the Speedway 20
It was Al Unser's third Indy 500 win in 13 attempts, which ain't bad, but car owner Jim Hall is one-for-one, which is better
by Robert F. Jones

The Big Red Ended Up Red-Faced 24
Taking 20 of 27 faceoffs, Johns Hopkins broke Cornell's 42-game winning streak and won the NCAA lacrosse title
by Joe Marshall

Whatever Happens, It'll Be Washington 26
The SuperSonics (state) took a 2-1 lead over the Bullets (district) in their punishing series for the NBA title
by Curry Kirkpatrick

The Cup Runneth Ever 28
As expected, the Canadiens won their third straight NHL title, but only after an unexpected battle from the Bruins
by Mark Mulvoy

He's Some Piece of Work 36
None of the antiques that Cardinal Catcher Ted Simmons collects is more masterfully wrought than his game
by Ron Fimrite

The Kenyan Connection 40
Washington State has become a magnet for East African runners and record-breaking Henry Rono is its greatest attraction
by Kenny Moore

A Fine Kettle of Fish 46
The author was after Allison tuna in Bermuda, but wahoo, blackfin tuna and barracuda kept the plot bubbling
by Clive Gammon

Bearing Up Under the Strain 88
The pressures of civilization haven't frazzled black bears, who thrive on the good life—and the free eats—of exurbia
by Bil Gilbert

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