There seem to be just two occasions when the publisher has his picture taken to appear in this magazine—the day he arrives and the day he leaves. My first sitting was in September of 1972, when my predecessor, Dick Munro, officially turned this space over to me, along with the keys to my new office and all the special satisfactions and pleasures that go with the job of being publisher of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED. NOW I have had my picture taken again, this time with the man who will be signing these letters in the future, Kelso Sutton, the seventh publisher in SI's nearly 24 years of publication.

Kelso is a native of Falmouth, Maine, who attended Hebron Academy and was graduated cum laude from Harvard in 1961. He joined Time Inc. that same year as an assistant business manager of TIME magazine and subsequently served as TIME'S business manager and then general manager.

In 1972, Kelso was made a vice-president of Time Inc. and was named head of the newly formed corporate circulation division, in which position he directed the circulation policies and procedures for all of the company's magazines.

For the past two years Kelso has continued to be an active participant in the affairs of SI in his corporate post of vice-president—and active also on the nearest available tennis court, downhill slope or navigable stretch of water. As a businessman and a sportsman, Kelso knows and appreciates the wonderful world of sport.

As for me, I am moving over to a rather different world to be publisher of TIME, The Weekly Newsmagazine. It is a new and challenging assignment, and one that, I must admit, excites me. I am going to miss the day-to-day contact with my friends and co-workers at SI, but having spent the 17 years prior to my move here as a member of the TIME magazine staff, I'm looking forward to rejoining many of my former associates.

Next year SPORTS ILLUSTRATED will be celebrating its 25th year of publication. It has been an extraordinary quarter century for sports and for the magazine. We have seen and reported on new personalities, new teams, new leagues and whole new sports as they have emerged. Technological advances in printing have enabled us to bring you color coverage within days of major sporting events. And as sport has flourished, so has SI. Circulation has grown from 450,000 to 2,250,000, reaching 16 million readers each week, and last year SI ranked fourth among all magazines in the U.S. in total advertising revenues.

It has been rewarding for me to have been a part of the world of sport, and SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, for more than five of those years. I wish the magazine continued success and its new publisher, Kelso Sutton, a long time between pictures.