July 03, 1978
July 03, 1978

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July 3, 1978

World Cup
Up In Arms
Oklahoma State
Wilkins And Feuerbach
Rambling Willie
  • Marty Hogan, famed as the best player never to win the national championship, had run out of excuses when he took the court for his fourth try at the title

Horse Racing
Jim Bouton
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


On Top of the World 10
Playing with passion before an awesome crowd, Argentina outlasted Holland to win the World Cup 3-1 in overtime
by Clive Gammon

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Up in Arms in Boston 14
Behind starters who have overcome the horrors of pitching in Fenway, the Red Sox have blasted far ahead in their division
by Larry Keith

In Hot Water in Stillwater 18
Already on NCAA probation, Oklahoma State is now facing charges that its football players were paid out of a slush fund
by Douglas S. Looney

Some Babes in the Woods 24
Shot putter Al Feuerbach, who once held the world record, and Mac Wilkins, who holds the discus mark, are now mountain men
by Joe Marshall

Gambling with Rambling 28
He was lazy, ugly, ill-bred and hadn't paced well, but the Farringtons took a flyer and Rambling Willie has won $1.1 million
by Douglas S. Looney

A Magnificent Obsession 56
Former Series hero, author and TV star Jim Bouton, 39, is back in Double A, knuckleballing his guts out in the game he loves
by Frank Deford

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Scorecard 7
Baseball 34
Racquetball 44
Horse Racing 53
For the Record 71
19th Hole 72

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