July 03, 1978
July 03, 1978

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July 3, 1978

World Cup
Up In Arms
Oklahoma State
Wilkins And Feuerbach
Rambling Willie
  • Marty Hogan, famed as the best player never to win the national championship, had run out of excuses when he took the court for his fourth try at the title

Horse Racing
Jim Bouton
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


4—Jerry Cooke
10—George Tiedemann
11—Manny Millan
12, 13—Jerry Cooke
18, 19—Rich Clarkson
20—Rich Clarkson (top), Curt Winchester
28—John D. Hanlon (top), Tony Tomsic
34—Fred Mullane
44—Art Shay
53, 54—Tony Tomsic

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