The Oilers Hit a Gusher 20
Thanks to super rookie Earl Campbell, who leads the NFL in rushing, Houston has souped up its offense and seems playoff bound
by Ron Reid

What Has Red Wings but Won't Fly? 24
Sadly, it is Detroit's millionaire goalie, Rogatien Vachon, who was a standout at L.A. but has been a dud in the motor city
by E. M. Swift

Michigan Has a Name to Remember 26
Wolverine Quarterback Rick Leach was on Woody Hayes' mind all Saturday as he whipped Ohio State and earned a Rose Bowl trip
by Ron Fimrite

Big Week for the Old Runaround 28
In collegiate and AAU cross-country championships, entrants had trouble finding warmth, not to mention finish lines
by Barry McDermott

What's Going On Here? 36
Artist Rob Kaufman opens up his fantasy-world vision of basketball, in which the "icons of the game"—sneakers, legs, hoops—do wondrous things

Meddlesome Man in the Middle 42
Only a few people outside of Foxboro, Mass. have heard of the Patriots' Steve Nelson, but he may be the NFL's best linebacker
by Joe Marshall

No One Can Cap the Pistol 94
Way down in New Orleans, his injured knee is giving him fits. But when he's popping there's no one like Pete Maravich
by Curry Kirkpatrick

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Stormy John McEnroe had a big November, displaying his volatile temperament while winning two tournaments and signing on with the U.S. Davis Cup team. Curry Kirkpatrick tells what makes the short-fused 19-year-old explode.

Full ski ahead into the new season, Jule Campbell reports on new nordic and alpine gear, Photographer John Zimmerman shoots the best ski bowls, and William Oscar Johnson describes the thrills—and chills—of a daring solo ice climb.

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