Dec. 11, 1978
Dec. 11, 1978

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Dec. 11, 1978

The Broncos
Ski Bowls
  • By William Oscar Johnson

    Skiers who are otherwise quite sane have been known to go slightly bananas over ski bowls. And with good reason. The bowls pictured here and on the following pages abound with powder snow—and where there is powder, there is paradise.

Harold Ballard
College Basketball
College Football
Pro Football
Ice Climb
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


The Broncos Say Thanks 26
Denver's winning weapons in its showdown at Oakland were Raider fumbles and penalties, a blocked punt and three interceptions
by Joe Marshall

This is an article from the Dec. 11, 1978 issue

Behold the New Kings of the Midwest 30
Christmas is still to come in Kansas City, but they've unwrapped a goodie named Phil Ford and he's turned the team around
by John Papanek

Beginning of Another Life for the Aces 32
The return of basketball, Evansville's love, alleviated the grief that racked the city after an air crash killed its team
by Frank Deford

Winning Is No Laughing Matter 34
But to much of the tennis public the bristling behavior of John McEnroe has obscured his brilliant talent
by Curry Kirkpatrick

Forecast: Racy Winter

The competitive image is In and the season's message is clear: no matter how slow you ski, look fast at all times 40
by Jule Campbell

Skiers who are otherwise sane go bananas over ski bowls, where powder makes a whoopee wonderland 46
by William Oscar Johnson

A Tongue on the Loose 59
Neither age (75) nor jail has slowed the flow of blather—or curbed the championship lust—of Canadian sports mogul Harold Ballard
by E.M. Swift

Daring Young Man on a Tower of Ice 94
Its violence stilled by the grip of winter, Bridalveil Fall loomed into the sky, an invitation to a chilling climb
by William Oscar Johnson

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Cover photograph by Willis A. Wood

Next Week

In Eclipse for the last six years, the U.S. Davis Cup team meets the British in Palm Springs with every expectation of success. Frank Deford reports on the play of Brian Gottfried, Stan Smith, Bob Lutz and the terrible-tempered young John McEnroe.

He changed his style and the boos changed to cheers for Mike Rossman, who took the WBA light heavyweight title from Victor Galindez. Pat Putnam chronicles the metamorphosis of a former fat kid who went from stylish boxer to big banger.