Something Less Than Super 12
If you caught yourself yawning during the 1978 NFL season, blame it on the longer schedule or the officials, not Earl Campbell
by Dan Jenkins

Montreal Is in Another World 16
Having conquered the NHL, Guy Lafleur and the rest of the Canadiens have turned their attentions to a tougher foe: perfection
by E. M. Swift

One Bowl for No. 1, the Rest for Fun 18
Penn State faces Alabama for the national championship, but not all the excitement will be in New Orleans
by John Underwood

Sportsman of the Year 26
From his first U.S. Amateur win in 1959 to his third British Open in July, Jack Nicklaus has towered over the world of golf
by Frank Deford

The Participant Boom

Appraising the new wave, Kenny Moore says we ain't seen nothin' yet 38

A portfolio in color of the breed that does its cheering from within 40

San Diego wins the palm as Sports Town, U.S.A., writes Ray Kennedy 48

Author-athlete James Fixx runs the route of Pheidippides' marathon 60

The Good Fight 84
In more than a century of vigorous taking part, Fred Moore, like all gutsy athletes, has come back from every knockdown
by Kenny Moore

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The Dallas cowboys attempt to repeat as Super Bowl champs as the real season kicks off with divisional playoffs. Ron Reid reports from Big D, Dan Jenkins from Pittsburgh, Joe Marshall from Foxboro and John Papanek from Los Angeles.

A legendary loner among sailors who make singlehanded ocean voyages, Alain Colas of France is still lost at sea while all the others in the transatlantic race in which he was competing have been accounted for By William Oscar Johnson.

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