The Tigers Are Roarin' 12
Since Bob Pettit left, basketball at LSU had been bad ball. Now, with Mr. Inside and Mr. Outside, bayou fans are having a ball
by Larry Keith

Candy Is Dandy 16
A 16-year-old hurdler named Candy Young led the way as four women broke world records at the AAU indoor championships
by Joe Marshall

A Run for the Money 18
The U.S. has a slick new Olympic luge course, the hemisphere's first. But, as usual, East Germany won the meet
by William Oscar Johnson

A Game the NHL Can't Win 20
As the Boston Bruins' general manager sees it, the Soviets' recent conquest of the NHL All-Stars was more harbinger than upset
by Harry Sinden

The Kid's Got Heart 28
Lehigh's Mark Lieberman may not be the most talented college wrestler in the country, but he's the guttiest-and the best
by Douglas S. Looney

Every Dog Has His Bay 32
Even those with two legs. Dispensing with inept beagles, the author and his friends, in full cry, ran down the rabbits themselves
by Ron Rau

Back to School 38
Spring training isn't all suntans and wind sprints. The players study the nuances of the game, and illustrator Walt Spitzmiller shows how they do it

A House Divided 60
A basic laid-back mom was turned into an uptight stage mother when basketball coaches came to pursue her 6'9" son
by Marian Leifsen

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Cover illustration by Walt Spitzmiller

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The dukes are up, and so are North Carolina and the rest of the tough teams in the ACC as they head into the conference's postseason tournament. Bruce Newman reports on which Atlantic Coast club has the most punch in the pinch.

Strange things are happening, and if Chuck Strange, a man who flies trucks for a living, ever heals from his epic crash in the Astrodome, there is a lot more weird-ness on tap. Kim Chapin tells of Mr. Strange and his beautiful bodyguard/assistant.

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