July 02, 1979
July 02, 1979

Table of Contents
July 2, 1979

Billy Martin
The Fights
Mike Marshall
Horse Racing
Track & Field
Harness Racing
Washington, D.C.
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


4—Evelyn Floret
14, 15—Manny Millan
16, 17—Barton Silverman (2), Manny Millan (right)
18, 19—Richard Mackson
20—Manny Millan (top), James Drake
21, 22—Manny Millan
23—Tony Triolo
24—Graham Finlayson (top), Tony Triolo
32—Carl Iwasaki
46—Heinz Kluetmeier
53—Richard Mackson
57—Paramount Pictures
58—Hal Stoelzle
62—Lane Stewart
66, 67—Richard Meek
68-70—Lane Stewart
72—Walter Iooss Jr.
77—Neil Leifer
85—News & Publications Service-Stanford University, Jacksonville Journal, Andy Humm, Sara Krulwich-The N.Y. Times, Jim Stevens

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