September 23, 1979

Coming of Age in Ann Arbor 12
It took about 30 minutes for a young Notre Dame team to grow up, buckle down and fashion a 12-10 upset of Michigan
by Douglas S. Looney

Jimmy Carter Runs into the Wall 16
Sudden, utter exhaustion hits lots of inexperienced road runners, but when it happens to the President, it's terrifying
by Sarah Pileggi

The Great Debate 20
Who will win the American League's MVP award? California's Don Baylor? Baltimore's Ken Singleton? Someone else? It's close
by Ron Fimrite

The U.S. Rookies Were Rough Ryders 26
Though the American team was short some big names, it won when lesser-known countrymen took up the banner
by Dan Jenkins

'Go for the Gold, Doc' 28
That was the cry when Doc Counsilman wavered en route to becoming the oldest English Channel swimmer. He went for it
by Ray Kennedy

Killer with a Baby Face 32
Defensive Tackle Joe Klecko of the New York Jets may look angelic, but on the field he has mayhem on his mind
by Bob Ottum

You've Gotta Have 'Wa' 58
But former U.S. big leaguers playing ball in Japan have trouble grasping a concept that stresses team unity, not the individual
by Robert Whiting

The Departments

Scorecard 9
College Football 36
Baseball 46
Boxing 55
For the Record 72
19th Hole 74

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Cover photograph by Heinz Kluetmeier

Next Week

A knockout of a house, which cost him $575,000, ducks included, was what Earnie Shavers got by kayoing Ken Norton. Now all he has to do is beat WBC heavyweight champion Larry Holmes and he can pay it all off. William Nack reports.

HIS GIG IS THE BIG RIGS. That's Tyrone Malone, who is making a living promoting drag races between trucks after having gotten the inspiration for them from observing the crowds at his dead whale exhibit. Frank Deford explains the whole thing.

Eagle (-2)
Birdie (-1)
Bogey (+1)
Double Bogey (+2)