Oct. 01, 1979
Oct. 01, 1979

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Oct. 1, 1979

College Football
Horse Racing
Harness Racing
  • By Douglas S. Looney

    Hot Hitter, the $6 million colt, looked as if he'd rather nap than race in the Jug, but Herve Filion, the $27 million driver, aroused him for an eye-opening straight-heats win

Big Wheels
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


4—Dennis Yeandle
18, 19—(clockwise from top left): James Drake, John Iacono, Richard Mackson (2), James Drake
20, 21—Richard Mackson (2)
22, 23—James Drake (bottom), John Iacono
24, 25—George Tiedemann (left), Tony Triolo
26, 27—James Drake (top), Walter Iooss Jr.
28—Walter Iooss Jr.
43—Lane Stewart
50—James Drake
56—Evelyn Floret
59—Jerry Cooke
65—Tony Tomsic
66, 67—Lane Stewart
68, 69—Enrico Ferorelli (top), Lane Stewart
70—Lane Stewart (center), Enrico Ferorelli
74—Enrico Ferorelli
76—Enrico Ferorelli (left), Lane Stewart
85—illustration by Saul Lambert
91—Paul Kitagaki Jr. (1)

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