Flying into the Series 26
In the playoffs, Pittsburgh jetted past Cincinnati in three straight, while Baltimore soared over California in four
by E.M. Swift and Ron Fimrite

Affirmation in the Gold Cup 32
Beating back four challenges by Spectacular Bid at Belmont, Affirmed won and laid claim to Horse of the Year honors
by William Nack

Awww C'mon, Ray, Give Us a Smile 34
winless Giants upset undefeated Tampa Bay 17-14, but New York Coach Ray Perkins remained Mr. Stoneface
by Paul Zimmerman

Pro Basketball 1979-80

The Celtics' Larry Bird and L.A.'s Magic Johnson have the hottest hands to hit the beleaguered NBA in a long time 40
by Douglas S. Looney

Assist totals in the NBA are up, but opinion is divided over whether today's guards are better than their forebears 44
by John Papanek

The Pacific Division looks awesome, there is peace and serenity in Philly, and this could be a big year in Atlanta. Complete scouting reports 54

Climbing to the Top Again 102
Out for a year with injuries, a more reflective, temperate Bill Walton is a changed man as he starts anew in San Diego
by John Papanek

The Departments

Scorecard 21
College Football 73
Boating 81
Roller Skating 89
Motor Sports 94
Rugby 97
For the Record 127
19th Hole 128

Cover photograph by Peter Read Miller

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It's Birds vs. Bucs as Baltimore takes on Pittsburgh in a rematch of the taut 1971 Series, in which the night game made its first appearance in the Autumnal Classic. The Pirates won that one in seven. Ron Fimrite reports from the battlegrounds.

A norse legend in the making is Oslo's Grete Weitz, who returns to New York to defend her marathon championship. Kenny Moore visits the world's finest woman distance runner in her native land and writes of grace, dedication and struggle.

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