Oct. 22, 1979
Oct. 22, 1979

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Oct. 22, 1979

World Series
Texas Vs. Oklahoma
Mat Or Met
College Football
Pro Football
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


A Series of Ups and Downs 24
It was Baltimore vs. Pittsburgh and both shivering teams vs. the weather as the Orioles moved into a 3-2 lead
by Ron Fimrite

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Thank Goodness for Goodson 32
Texas' walk-on barefoot Kicker John Goodson outscored Oklahoma in the Longhorns' 16-7 victory
by Douglas S. Looney

In the Long Run, It's Grete 42
Norway's Grete Waitz is a key figure in the effort to raise the status of women's distance running and get it into the Olympics
by Kenny Moore

The Mat or the Met? 46
Erland van Lidth de Juede has problems deciding whether to be a famous basso-baritone or a top Olympic wrestler
by Douglas S. Looney

Homecoming 84
Sports Illustrated writers return to Notre Dame, California, Miami and Princeton to see if Thomas Wolfe knew what he was talking about

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Scorecard 19
College Football 57
Hockey 67
Pro Football 70
Golf 80
For the Record 109
19th Hole 110

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Next Week

Mr. Rodgers' neighborhood certainly seems to be the Big Apple; although he lives in Boston, Bill Rodgers has won the New York City marathon three straight times. Sarah Pileggi is on hand to see if he can make it four, over a field of 14,000.

Bucking the tide, Coach Johnny Majors' surprising Tennessee Volunteers, back in the limelight after some so-so seasons, meet Bear Bryant's latest Alabama juggernaut in Birmingham. Douglas S. Looney reports on a crucial test for both teams.