Oct. 29, 1979
Oct. 29, 1979

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Oct. 29, 1979

Arizona State
College Football
Pro Basketball
The Road
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


Rush Hour in the Big Apple 22
The biggest field ever started the New York Marathon, but the results were as usual: Rodgers won, and Waitz smashed the record
by Sarah Pileggi

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There's the Devil to Pay 26
The heat is on at Arizona State after the sacking of Coach Frank Kush bared the seamy side of big-time college football
by Ron Reid

Did Anyone Catch Their Numbers? 30
Washington's sack-happy 'Skins decked Ron Jaworski seven times and swiped two of his passes in routing Philadelphia
by Paul Zimmerman

No Sweat for Laffit 38
Having won an agonizing fight with weight, jockey Laffit Pincay Jr. has galloped to a record-shattering year
by William Nack

A Fish on the Fly 42
At a small Wisconsin lake, a fisherman and a bald eagle waited patiently for Big Jumbo, the giant native brown trout, to strike
by E. M. Swift

North on the Nowhere Road 76
Canada's Dempster Highway, which runs from Dawson City to Inuvik, has creased a new wrinkle in the face of the North
by Robert F. Jones

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Scorecard 17
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Next Week

Old enemies Pittsburgh and Dallas, rivals in Super Bowl XIII, do battle at Three Rivers in what may be a preview of Super Bowl XIV. Paul Zimmerman reports on the duel between Terry Bradshaw and Roger Staubach and their truculent teammates.

The lure of the wolf, that awesome animal mankind both detests and admires, moved Jack Lynch to give up job, wife and money and devote all his time to lupine care. Bil Gilbert describes the strange infatuation of a remarkable man.