Nov. 05, 1979
Nov. 05, 1979

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Nov. 5, 1979

Super Bowl XIII¬Ω
Joe Gilliam
College Football
Pro Football
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


Curtain Call for the Steelers 30
Once again the Cowboys tried to play tricks on Pittsburgh, and once again they were wrecked by the Steel Curtain
by Paul Zimmerman

This is an article from the Nov. 5, 1979 issue

Hosea Had 'em Singing Hosanna 36
Hosea Taylor kept Houston undefeated and, just as important, untied by blocking Arkansas' last-second field-goal attempt
by Joe Marshall

The Big Cheese in Philly 38
Annual fizzles have prevented the 76ers from becoming their city's best-known product, but now they're creaming everyone
by John Papanek

A Legend in the Making 44
Three Americans, one a woman, went to the Highlands to try some ancient tests of manhood. Their attainments rocked the Scots
by Terry Todd

The Brutal Trip Down 54
Joe Gilliam seemed to have it all, but then came the bouts with drugs and a "murderous attack" in a Baltimore alley
by Robert H. Boyle

Keeper of Something Unique 86
The strange hold wolves have on man moved Jack Lynch to give up his job and devote himself to the preservation of a vanishing breed
by Bil Gilbert

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Next Week

"When in doubt, punt" was Knute Rockne's enduring credo for football, and life. Rock has a staunch advocate in Rick Telander, a former Northwestern defensive back and kicker, who has sifted the lore of the art and booted a few in the semi-pros.

Too tall Jones begins a new athletic life, making the switch from football to boxing, from the Dallas Cowboys to a ring in Las Cruces, N.M., where, in his first pro fight, he meets Mexico's Yaqui Meneses in a six-rounder. William Nack reports.