Jan. 07, 1980
Jan. 07, 1980

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Jan. 7, 1980

NFL Playoffs
The Three-Pointer
Making Tracks
College Basketball
Chip Hilton
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


The NFL Playoffs 12

This is an article from the Jan. 7, 1980 issue

Tampa Bay got the underdogs in an upset mood when the Bucs stunned Philadelphia 24-17 behind the running of Ricky Bell 14
by Joe Marshall

The Oilers stole San Diego's signals, Vernon Perry stole Dan Fouts' passes and Houston stole a 17-14 victory 16
by Paul Zimmerman

Borrowing a trick from the Cowboys, Los Angeles rallied to a 21-19 victory over Dallas, no less, on a last-minute touchdown 18
by Dan Jenkins

But the defending Super Bowl champion Steelers refused to share in the prevalent mood and thrashed the Miami Dolphins 34-14 20
by Ron Reid

It's Bombs Away in the NBA 22
Traditionalists may blanch, but pro basketball is going downtown nowadays with the three-point field goal
by Bruce Newman

Really Making Tracks 26
Engineers have provided indoor runners with fast tracks, but there are so many variables, no one can say which is "fastest"
by Dan Levin

A Hero for All Times 50
His name was Chip Hilton, and he was the star of 23 sports books by basketball coach Clair Bee. A fond memoir
by Jack McCallum

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IV XIs with XIV in mind vie in the NFL's conference championship games. Paul Zimmerman reports whether Pittsburgh can subdue Houston for the AFC title and make it to Super Bowl XIV, while Joe Marshall covers the L.A.-Tampa Bay NFC matchup.

No shrinking violet, Dwight Stones claims his high-jumping career will bloom anew at the Muhammad Ali Games in Long Beach. Sarah Pileggi relates how his 18-month forced retirement affects the performance of the former record holder.