Feb. 25, 1980
Feb. 25, 1980

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Feb. 25, 1980

College Basketball
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The Winter Olympics

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The Games opened in triumph and woe 16
by William Oscar Johnson

Eric Heiden pleased his mom, and all America 20
by E. M. Swift

A prince and queen ruled the downhill 22
by William Oscar Johnson

The U.S. had a hockey high after upsetting the Czechs 26
by E. M. Swift

It was wild, and a bit weird, on the luge run 32
by Bob Ottum

Never-say-die Yanks bobbed up on Hoevenberg 33
by Bob Ottum

An ill wind blew away a U.S. jumper's medal hopes 34
by E. M. Swift

Disaster befell a superb figure-skating pair 35
by Bob Ottum

He's Just a Workin' Stiff 38
Gary Austin totes up long hours on the job, which happens to be betting on sports—to the tune of more than $30 million a year
by Roger Dionne

Valley of the Eagles 76
There's a big fuss brewing in Alaska between loggers and environmentalists who claim the trees may be cut from under our national bird
by Ron Rau

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College Basketball 48
Motor Sports 58
Pro Basketball 62
Track & Field 69
For the Record 93
19th Hole 94

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Next Week

May the best team win college basketball's national championship in March, but right now there's no telling which one it will be, such is the delicate balance of power. Curry Kirkpatrick explains why there is no dominant team this season.

The winter games conclude, bringing the denouement of the suspense story in hockey as well as medals galore in both speed and figure skating, the slalom, giant slalom, and Nordic skiing events, and on the icy bob and luge runs.