April 28, 1980
April 28, 1980

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April 28, 1980

Boston Marathon
  • Bill Rodgers (above) tied the record with a third straight Boston Marathon victory, but who was first to finish the full distance among the women was open to question

NBA Playoffs
The Roses
Pacific Select
Pro Football
Track & Field
19hole: The Readers Take Over


20—Peter Read Miller (right)
22, 23—Walter Iooss Jr.
24—Tony Triolo
29—Tony Tomsic
30, 31—Teri Bolin (top left), Masachika Suhara (bottom left), Susan Copen Oken (2)
32—Lane Stewart (top), Susan Copen Oken
34—Mickey Pfleger
35—Richard Mackson
36—Robert Hagedohm
39—Vince Streano-LIFE (top left), Manny Millan (top right), Carl Skalak Jr.
46—Tony Tomsic
54—Ron Kirkwood (top), Mark Perlstein
57—Nick Nass (top), Peter Read Miller
58, 61—George Tiedemann

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