Brett May Do It Yet 14
The entire nation tunes in as Kansas City's George Brett makes the most serious run at .400 in 39 years
by Ron Fimrite

How the West Was Lost 18
While Kansas City charges to the playoffs and Brett challenges .400, the rest of the AL West fights to survive
by Steve Wulf

The Great Tom vs. Jack Debate 22
Even after Tom Watson bagged the World Series of Golf, Jack Nicklaus was still in contention for Player of the Year
by Dan Jenkins

College Football 1980

The new season is one of change and portent, with, in the view of The Coach, special promise in its walk-ons 24
by John Underwood

Nobody, but nobody, stops Defensive End Hugh Green, which means that Pitt should soar to the top of the Top 20 28
by Douglas S. Looney

Scouting reports scan the 20 best, the next best and the best of the rest—not to mention best of the small colleges 36

Hold That Tiger! 70
There is nothing like an archrival to turn on a college town, to wit, Oklahoma playing Old Mizzou at Columbia
by Bil Gilbert

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Softball 64
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Cover photograph by Lane Stewart

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