Sept. 08, 1980
Sept. 08, 1980

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Sept. 8, 1980

Super Joe
Jimmy The Greek
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


They'll Miss the Corn 24
An emotional Hambletonian ends an era in Du Quoin. Next year the race will be in New Jersey, with no cows or prize peppers
by Douglas S. Looney

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Super Joe: A Legend in His Own Time 30
Joe Charboneau is the leading candidate for AL Rookie of the Year and the biggest thing in Cleveland since Rocky Colavito
by Steve Wulf

Pro Football '80

Two-Minute Football is the action time of the NFL game, thus the question: Why not Two-Minute Football for 60 minutes? 34
by Paul Zimmerman

Who'll win, who'll lose? Who's healthy, who's hurt? And who are the new faces? Check out the scouting reports 48
by Paul Zimmerman

A 14-page portfolio of the tense and reflective moments before, between and after the bursts of action 58
Photographs by Walter Iooss Jr.

"Hey, Greek, Who Do You Like?" 98
Little Dimitrios Synodinos was supposed to be a priest or a lawyer. Instead he became Jimmy The Greek. Oddsmaker to the Nation
by Frank Deford

The Departments

Scorecard 15
TV Radio 85
Baseball 86
Design for Sport 92
Soccer 94
For the Record 119
19th Hole 121

Credits on page 119

Cover photograph by Walter Iooss Jr.

Next Week

Yes, Virginia—The University, that is—used to be comfortable with losing, paying more mind to Tradition, Parties and Mister Jefferson. Now, declares Frank Deford, those times are changing. Football's up, basketball's hot. sports are in.

The last time they met, Pittsburgh beat Houston for the AFC championship. They meet again in the opening game of the NFL season, but this time the Oilers have two new weapons in Ken Stabler and Jack Tatum. Paul Zimmerman reports.