Sept. 22, 1980
Sept. 22, 1980

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Sept. 22, 1980

Billy Sims
The Family
Oops To Whoops
Jungle Tarpon
College Football
Horse Racing
Larry Holmes
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


Revved Up and Running 14
Accelerating in the open field, hurtling in for touchdowns and catching passes, Billy Sims has led Detroit to two big wins
by Paul Zimmerman

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All Is Not Well in the Family 18
With Pops ailing and his brood failing, the Pirates maybe former champions even before postseason play begins
by E.M. Swift

When Oops Turned to Whoops 22
No. 1-ranked Ohio State and leading Heisman candidate Art Schlichter fell behind Syracuse 21-3 but rallied to win
by Joe Marshall

Noble Fish and Royal Ruins 30
Archaeologists and anglers flock to a Guatemalan lake for the temples and tarpon. If they're lucky, they find Albert
by Clive Gammon

Ali and His Educators 40
Some were old, some underweight, some stiffs, but the then Cassius Clay went to school on them all
Words and photos by Michael Brennan

The Champ Who Would Be Champ 74
WBC heavyweight titleholder Larry Holmes wants his due, but he realizes he won't get it, no matter how he fares against Ali
by William Nack

The Departments

Scorecard 11
Baseball 60
College Football 66
Horse Racing 71
For the Record 91
19th Hole 92

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Next Week

They Might do it, by Giorgio! The turbulent Cosmos again made it to Soccer Bowl on the feet of Chinaglia, who scored 16 of their 22 playoff goals. They'll face the Fort Lauderdale Strikers, who also survived turmoil. Clive Gammon reports.

The head designer in sport may well be the one called Howard, an intense visionary whose metal ski helped bring that sport out of the woods and whose Prince racket made tennis players realize that bigger is better. A profile by Ray Kennedy.