March 09, 1981
March 09, 1981

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March 9, 1981

Magic Johnson
The Valley
Kenny Wright
College Basketball
Part II: Mountain Of The Mists
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


And Now for My Reappearing Act 14
Magic Johnson has returned to the Los Angeles Laker lineup after a knee injury caused him to vanish for 100 days
by John Papanek

This is an article from the March 9, 1981 issue

Going for Broke at Breakneck Speed 18
Edmonton's 20-year-old Wayne Gretzky is closing in on Phil Esposito's "unbreakable" NHL season scoring record
by E.M. Swift

High Times for the Valley 20
An infusion of outstanding players and coaches has revived memories of the Missouri Valley Conference's glorious past
by Curry Kirkpatrick

Kenny, Dying Young 30
To be in sports, to be active, was all that mattered to him. Then came the shattering accident, and all that ended
by Frank Deford

Annual Flights of Spring 36
Once again the national pastime has migrated lock, stock and batting helmet to the Sun Belt
by Arnold Roth and Kathleen Andria

Sitting on Top of the World 58
Battling exhaustion and cold, three Americans continue their climb to the summit of New Guinea's Carstensz Pyramid
by Sam Moses

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Scorecard 9
College Basketball 48
Boating 52
For the Record 80
19th Hole 82

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Next Week

Familiar faces like those of Rollie Fingers and Ted Simmons, Fred Lynn and Rick Burleson, Bruce Sutter and Darrell Porter are popping up in new places, specifically the Milwaukee, California and St. Louis camps. Ron Fimrite reports.

Death spirals, triple salchows and sit spins are on display at the World Figure Skating Championships in Hartford, Conn. Bob Ottum describes the clash of blades as America's Zayak, Hamilton and the Carrutherses take on the rest of the globe.