July 06, 1981
July 06, 1981

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July 6, 1981

Road Racing


'And Somewhere Children Shout' 12
The major-leaguers are on strike, but baseball lives, most picturesquely on Cape Cod, where amateurs prepare for the pros
by Steve Wulf

This is an article from the July 6, 1981 issue

Clearing the Way for the Big Payday 20
Against a background of lurid dealing, Sugar Ray Leonard and Thomas Hearns won in Houston and advanced to the welter finals
by Pat Putnam

El Texano Comes of Age 26
An 18-year-old high school kid from Houston went into the bullring at Juarez a novice and came out a full-fledged matador
by Barnaby Conrad III

Dawn of a New ARRA 40
Some high-paid "amateur" road runners took a new route in the $50,000 Cascade Run Off. It was Greg Meyer who cashed in
by Kenny Moore

The Perfect Garden 48
On the farm Cary was just a hand, but on the diamond he was the defender of the game's true nature. A work of fiction
by Tommy Neil Tucker

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