Aug. 31, 1981
Aug. 31, 1981

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Aug. 31, 1981

Swiss Clockwork
The Tigers
College Football 1981


6—John Iacono
18, 19—Steve Powell
20, 21—Manny Millan (left), Steve Powell (2)
22, 23—Manny Millan
26—Paul Kennedy
27—Paul Kennedy (top), George Tiedemann
28, 33—George Tiedemann
41—Rich Clarkson
46—Tony Tomsic
47—Mark Perlstein (left), Peter Read Miller
48—Thomas Williamson
49—Tony Tomsic
50—Jerry Cooke
54—Rich Clarkson (top), Manny Rubio
56—Peter Read Miller
57—Will McIntyre
58—Tony Tomsic
59—Thomas Williamson (top), Tony Tomsic
60—John Terence Turner
61—Manny Rubio (top), Mickey Pfleger
62—Borge B. Andersen (left), Ron Berard
63—Mark Perlstein
70—Heinz Kluetmeier
93—Bucky Parrish, Chuck Reherman, Colao Studios, Tim Davis Photography

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