Release the balloons and strike up the band. Ladies and gentlemen, now, live from the NFL, a real television spectacular. It's prime-time football! As the pictures on these and the following six pages show, that means a hot time in the hometown tonight
September 06, 1981

Outside the stadium the pregame show begins with a blaze of headlights and a race for the best parking spots, followed by tailgate picnics even the Ivies might enjoy.

Night football is G-rated, suitable for all ages, but the good guys can lose so there are sad as well as happy endings. It's a happening with far-out fashion, high-five feeling and high-rise sudsing.

Refreshments available during the game include some choice cheesecake. Then it's "turn out the lights, the party's over," and at dawn the following day, all that remains is a big cleanup.