Oct. 26, 1981
Oct. 26, 1981

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Oct. 26, 1981

Baseball Playoffs
The Panthers
Nolan Cromwell
Fred Lebow
College Football


4—John Iacono
22, 23—Paul Kennedy
24—Andy Hayt (top), Manny Millan
26—Andy Hayt (top), Richard Mackson
27—John Iacono (top), Ronald C. Modra
30, 31—Paul Kennedy (bottom left), Heinz Kluetmeier (2)
32—Paul Kennedy
39—Andy Hayt
44, 45—Mike Maple (left), Lane Stewart
50—George Tiedemann
52, 57—Lane Stewart
60—Mark Perlstein
67, 68—Peter Read Miller
70, 73—Mickey Pfleger
74, 75—Heinz Kluetmeier
76, 77—Steve Hansen
78, 80—Mike Maple
85—Culver Pictures, Inc.
86—The Bettmann Archive, Inc.
97—Larry Atherton—The Jackson Sun

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