Nov. 30, 1981
Nov. 30, 1981

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Nov. 30, 1981

The Jets
The Lakers
College Basketball 1981-82
College Basketball
College Football
For The Record
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


4—George Tiedemann (right), Jay Leviton-Atlanta
24, 26—Ronald C. Modra
27—Paul Kennedy
32, 33—Mickey Pfleger (top), Richard Mackson (2)
34, 35—Peter Read Miller (top left), Richard Mackson (2)
50—Peter Read Miller
51—Bill Luster
52—Bill Eppridge
57, 58—Steve Goldstein
60—Roy Hobson
61—Buck Miller
62—Manny Rubio
64—Roy Hobson
69—George Tiedemann
70—Ron Berard
71—Steve Goldstein
72—Carl Iwasaki
73—Robert Strauss
75—Rich Clarkson (top)
82—Manny Rubio
88—Heinz Kluetmeier
96—Martha Swope
98-101—Peter Read Miller
102—Peter Read Miller (bottom), Rich Clarkson
107, 111, 112—UCLA Sports Information Department
119—Burnie Batchelor Studio, Inc., Cyril Morris

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