Dec. 21, 1981
Dec. 21, 1981

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Dec. 21, 1981

The 49ers
Muhammad Ali
Tracy Austin
Horse Racing
Pro Football
Andre The Giant
  • That's no small beer on the right, it's a normal 12-ounce can in the hand of 7'4", 500-pound wrestler Andre the Giant. The glass is in the prodigious paw of the author, a former superheavyweight powerlifting champion, who describes what life is like for a man who has made the most of being the biggest

19th: Hole The Readers Take Over


4—Manny Rubio
18, 19—Andy Hayt
20, 21—Peter Read Miller (top left), Andy Hayt (2)
22, 23—Peter Read Miller
24, 25—Adam Stoltman (top), Manny Millan
26—John Iacono
27—Tony Triolo
28—John Iacono (top), Tony Triolo
29—John Iacono
30—Tony Tomsic
31—Rich Clarkson
32—Tony Tomsic
35—Rich Clarkson
36-38—Andy Hayt
41—Art Seitz (top), Eric Schweikardt
42—Andy Hayt (top), Art Seitz
43—Art Seitz
44—Jerry Cooke
47—Richard Mackson
48—Vladimir Sichov
50—Thomas Banks
55, 56—Vladimir Sichov
58, 61—Richard Mackson
64—Paul Kennedy
73—Ronald C. Modra
74—Ronald C. Modra (top), Manny Millan
89—Agence Presse-Sports
92—Jean Lattes
97—Jack Leonard, James Karmrodt Lightner

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