Dec. 21, 1981
Dec. 21, 1981

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Dec. 21, 1981

The 49ers
Muhammad Ali
Tracy Austin
Horse Racing
Pro Football
Andre The Giant
  • That's no small beer on the right, it's a normal 12-ounce can in the hand of 7'4", 500-pound wrestler Andre the Giant. The glass is in the prodigious paw of the author, a former superheavyweight powerlifting champion, who describes what life is like for a man who has made the most of being the biggest

19th: Hole The Readers Take Over


18 Armed for the Playoffs
Under scholarly Coach Bill Walsh, the NFC West champion San Francisco 49ers have become a quick study in winning
by Paul Zimmerman

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24 Troubled Doubles and a Singular Singles
Led by John McEnroe's performance in two extraordinary matches, the US. beat Argentina to win the Davis Cup
by Barry McDermott

26 Not with a Bang but a Whisper
After losing to Trevor Berbick, a subdued Muhammad Ali softly admitted that his boxing career had come to an end
by William Nack

30 Reverberation of a Gunshot
Missouri Center Steve Stipanovich accidentally wounded himself a year ago, then made up a tale he's just now living down
by Curry Kirkpatrick

36 Rolling onto a New Track
Tracy Austin has paid a steep price to climb to the top in women's tennis. Now she is having fewer ups and downs
by Sarah Pileggi

44 Yasser, That's My Baby
So Viktor Korchnoi indicated in picking Yasser Seirawan as his second. Now Yasser wants to be second to none
by William Nack

76 To the Giant Among Us
Andre the Giant, a 7'4", 500-pound wrestler, is one man who has made the most of being the biggest
by Terry Todd

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