Feb. 10, 1982
Feb. 10, 1982

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Feb. 10, 1982


Cover—(Top row, left to right) John Iacono, Andy Hayt, Tony Duffy, Walter Iooss Jr., John Iacono, Manny Millan; (Middle row) Manny Millan, George Tiedemann, Andy Hayt, Heinz Kluetmeier; (Bottom row) Walter Iooss Jr., Tony Duffy, Jerry Wachter, Walter Iooss Jr., Manny Millan, Steve Powell
12, 13—Ronald C. Modra
14—Andy Hayt (top), Ronald C. Modra
15—Walter Iooss Jr. (top), Ronald C. Modra
16—Ronald C. Modra (top), Heinz Kluetmeier
17, 18—Walter Iooss Jr.
19—John Iacono (top), Ronald C. Modra (2)
22—Walter Iooss Jr. (left), Andy Hayt
23—Andy Hayt (top), Walter Iooss Jr. (bottom left), Manny Millan
24—Walter Iooss Jr.
26, 27—Carl Skalak
28, 29—Heinz Kluetmeier (left), Richard Mackson (top right), Ronald C. Modra
30, 31—Walter Iooss Jr. (bottom), Peter Read Miller (top left), Anthony Neste (top center), Manny Rubio
33—Ronald C. Modra
34, 35—(clockwise from top left) Walter Iooss Jr., Anthony Neste, Richard Mackson, Ronald C. Modra (2)
36—Ronald C. Modra (top), Tony Tomsic
37—Peter Read Miller
40, 41—Heinz Kluetmeier
42—Roy Hobson
43—Paul Kennedy (top), Heinz Kluetmeier
44—Walter Iooss Jr. (top), John Iacono
46—Heinz Kluetmeier
48—Ronald C. Modra (top), Heinz Kluetmeier (bottom left), Jerry Wachter
50—Ronald C. Modra (top), John Iacono
52—Ronald C. Modra (top), Walter Iooss Jr.
54—Ronald C. Modra
58, 59—Andy Hayt
60—Steve Powell (top left), Tony Duffy (top right), Rich Clarkson
61—Manny Millan (top left), Rich Clarkson (top right), Paul Kennedy
62—Mark Shearman (top left), Bill Eppridge (top right), Rich Clarkson
64—Rich Clarkson
84, 85—Andy Hayt
86, 87—Rich Clarkson (left), Walter Iooss Jr. (top right), Rich Clarkson (bottom right), John Iacono
88—Heinz Kluetmeier (top), Richard Mackson (bottom left), Andy Hayt
92—Walter Iooss Jr. (top), Heinz Kluetmeier
94—Peter Read Miller
96, 97—Tony Tomsic
98—Manny Millan
99—Rich Clarkson
100—John Iacono (bottom left), Rich Clarkson (2)
104—Manny Millan (bottom right), Paul Kennedy (2)
106—Manny Millan
108—Paul Kennedy (top), Manny Millan
110—Manny Millan
112, 113—Manny Millan
114, 115—Andy Hayt (top left), Manny Millan (bottom, 4), John Iacono (2)
116—John Iacono (top), Tony Triolo
118, 119—Neil Leifer—TIME
120—Richard Mackson
122, 123—Paul Kennedy
124, 125—Paul Kennedy (left), Paul Bereswill
126, 127—Tony Duffy
128—Russ Adams (top left), Walter Iooss Jr. (top right), Jacqueline Duvoisin
129—Russ Adams
130, 131—(clockwise from top left) Manny Millan, Jacqueline Duvoisin, Manny Millan, Jacqueline Duvoisin
132, 133—Manny Millan
134, 135—(clockwise from top left) Barton Silverman, Jerry Cooke, John Iacono, Barton Silverman
136, 137—William Campbell
138, 139—(clockwise from top left) Graham Finlayson, John Iacono, Tony Tomsic, Tony Duffy, Andy Hayt, Carl Skalak
140, 141—Graham Finlayson
142—Red Huber/Sentinel Star (top), Mark Kauffman
144—Lane Stewart (left), Jerry Cooke
146—Heinz Kluetmeier (top), Tony Triolo
148—Eric Schweikardt (top), Paul Kennedy (bottom right), Jerry Cooke
150—John Kelly

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