March 22, 1982
March 22, 1982

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March 22, 1982

NCAA Tournament
Montreal Canadiens
The Waiting
Track & Field


4—Lee Balterman
16, 17—George Tiedemann
18—Tony Tomsic
19—Rich Clarkson, Tony Tomsic (inset)
20—Andy Hayt
21—John Iacono
22—Doug Hoke (top), Roy Hobson
23—Doug Hoke
30, 31—Ronald C. Modra
32—Walter Iooss Jr. (left), Andy Hayt (top), Peter Read Miller
35—Peter Read Miller
36—Anthony Neste (top), Heinz Kluetmeier
50—Graham Finlayson
52—Jerry Cooke
55—Jerry Cooke (top), Graham Finlayson
58, 61—Paul Bereswill
64, 67—Manny Millan
68, 69—Brian Lanker
70—Jerry Cooke (top), Brian Lanker (center)
71—John Iacono (top), Lane Stewart
72, 76—Brian Lanker
88—Richard Chu/New Jersey Newsphotos

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