April 12, 1982
April 12, 1982

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April 12, 1982

Florida Derby
The 76ers
Baseball 1982


4—Lane Stewart
26, 27—Heinz Kluetmeier
28, 29—Walter Iooss Jr. (2), Richard Mackson
34—George Tiedemann (left), John Iacono
35—John Iacono (left), Manny Millan
36—Manny Millan
39—John Iacono
49—Carl Iwasaki
78—Walter Iooss Jr.
79—Ronald C. Modra (left), Walter Iooss Jr.
80—Paul Kennedy (top), Heinz Kluetmeier
88, 90—Walter Iooss Jr.
93—Peter Read Miller
97, 105, 108—Autographs from the Barry Halper Collection
127—Matthew Lewis/Washington Post

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