April 19, 1982
April 19, 1982

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April 19, 1982

The Masters
Borg's Return
NBA: Playoff Preview
Craig Stadler
Track & Field
  • By William Oscar Johnson

    Snowslides such as this one in Pakistan and the one that recently killed seven people at a ski resort in California are among the most destructive and least understood forces in nature

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


16 Up To Par When He Had To Be
The Masters' last holes worked their devilment on Craig Stadler's lead of six shots. But in sudden death he got down in regulation
by Dan Jenkins

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20 Now All Is Right with Cooney's Left
Gerry Cooney's left shoulder is healed, so he and champion Larry Holmes can get it on for their title bout on June 11
by Pat Putnam

22 New Parts for the Big Red Machine
Despite having the best record in baseball last year, Cincinnati made some drastic roster changes during the off-season
by Steve Wulf

24 It's Nice Work if You Can Qualify for It
That's what Bjorn Borg did at home in Monte Carlo, but victory eluded him in his first tournament since last fall
by Curry Kirkpatrick

32 NBA Playoff Preview

The Celtics have so much talent and so much bench that Larry Bird doesn't even have to start for them to win the East
by Bruce Newman

A late-season surge by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar indicates that he and the Lakers will prevail over the Sonics in the West
by Anthony Cotton

40 Sloppy Man in a Clean Sport
The new Masters champion, Craig (the Walrus) Stadler, may not suit golf's image makers, but he suits himself just perfectly
by John Papanek

76 Avalanche!
Snowslides like the one that recently killed seven in California are among nature's most destructive forces
by William Oscar Johnson

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