June 14, 1982
June 14, 1982

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June 14, 1982

The French Open
NCAA Championships
NBA Playoffs
The Mad Hatter
Nathaniel Crosby


4—Tony Triolo
9—Drawing by Sam Q. Weissman
14, 15—Steve Powell
16—G. Aschendorf Agence Vandystadt, Steve Powell
17—Andy Hayt
18, 19—Steve Powell
20—Rich Clarkson (top), Heinz Kluetmeier
21—Peter Read Miller
22, 23—Heinz Kluetmeier
24—Peter Read Miller
25—Richard Mackson
26—Manny Millan
31—Jerry Wachter
36, 38—Tony Tomsic
39—Mark Kauffman, Carl Iwasaki
40, 42, 49—Tony Tomsic
50, 52—Richard Mackson
54—Jerry Cooke
56—Steve Ross
58—Tony Rampy
60—Tony Rampy (inset), Eric Schweikardt
65—Eric Schweikardt (inset), Tony Rampy
87—John D. Simmons, Boston University Photo Service.

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