June 21, 1982
June 21, 1982

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June 21, 1982

World Cup
Eddie Murray
NBA Playoffs
Wimbledon: The Championships
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


4-Frank White
9—Drawing by Sam Q. Weissman
14-15—Tony Triolo
16—Neil Leifer
17—Hank deLespinasse
18-19—Richard Mackson (2), Peter Read Miller (top), Richard Mackson James Drake, Neil Leifer (bottom)
20-22—Tony Triolo
23—Neil Leifer (top left), Joe DiMaggio (3)
24-Hank deLespinasse, Richard Mackson (top), John Iacono
29—John Iacono
30—Manny Millan (2), Steve Powell
30-31—George Tiedemann
32—Steve Powell (top), George Tiedemann
33—George Tiedemann
47-48—Peter Read Miller
50—Mickey Pfleger
53—Lori Valesko ¬© 1982 Daily News/Los Angeles
56—Jerry Wachter
60, 63—Tony Tomsic
64-67—Graham Finlayson
68—Adrian Murrell
72—Graham Finlayson
74—Adrian Murrell (top), Graham Finlayson
78—BBC Hulton Picture Library
83—Devon News service, William Holder

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