July 19, 1982
July 19, 1982

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July 19, 1982

World Cup
Rose And Yaz
Hal McRae
Match Fishing


4—Tony Triolo
7—Illustration by Sam Q. Weissman
12, 13—Steve Powell, Gamma Liaison (inset)
14, 15—Tony Duffy
16, 17—Steve Powell (top left), Tony Duffy (inset), Gamma Liaison (2)
18—Tony Tomsic
19—John Iacono
20—Heinz Kluetmeier
21—Dick Raphael (left), Ronald C. Modra
26—Mickey Pfleger
27, 30—John McDonough
3l—Neil Leifer
46—John McDonough
52—Richard Mackson
53—Peter Read Miller
54, 55—Bob Peterson (5), John Terence Turner (top right)
56—Tom Moore (left), Jeff Pruss, Butch Welch (bottom)
57—Bill Sears, Andy Hayt (inset)
58-62—Bob Peterson
64—Bob Peterson (top), John McDonough
66—J.R. Eyerman
67—Historical Society of Seattle & King County
75—Tenney Mason, Roy Cosway, G. John Garrett

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